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Every month the song/dance/activity will change. Many of the songs will be from my Recordings. Please print the page and do the activity with your child. Teachers may print the page to use with their classes. If you have questions, Contact Me.

June 2008

Roll the Ball

Listen to the whole song on Sticky Bubble Gum or hear it here:

Children of all ages love balls – it was one of my daughter's first words, rapidly followed by "mine!" This simple game can be played by 2 year olds – but even 4's and 5's still love it. It takes cooperation with a partner, and motor skills to maneuver the ball, and some practice to get a group of children doing it at the same time. I encourage parents to do this with your child. Make eye contact, and include lots of smiles and nods of encouragement!

Chant: Beach Ball

Roll the ball. Roll the ball.
Roll the ball to me.
Roll it, roll it.
Roll the ball to me.

Bounce the ball. Bounce the ball.
Bounce the ball to me.
Bounce it. Bounce it.
Bounce the ball to me.

Toss the ball. Toss the ball.
Toss the ball to me.
Toss it. Toss it.
Toss the ball to me.


Sit on the floor with legs extended toward your partner (V-seat), touching soles of feet together. Roll a ball (tennis ball, or inflated beach ball) ON THE FLOOR toward your partner, then they roll it back to you! Sounds simple, but it takes practice for younger children. Repeat this verse 2 - 3 times before moving on to bouncing the ball.

Demonstrate how to bounce a ball toward a partner – not hard and over their head – but so that they can catch it. If the ball scoots away, let the child go get it – they'll learn to control the ball better if they have to fetch their errant balls! Sing the "Bounce" verse several times to give children a chance to be successful.

Note: For toddlers and early 3's, I would now go back to rolling the ball, and then end the song. For older children, try toss the ball. Be sure to demonstrate a gentle underhand toss – NOT THROW!!! If the "catcher" child makes "cup hands" for a target, it is easier for children to accomplish this verse. When done tossing, always return to the Roll The Ball verse to end the activity. Get the ball back on the floor, and the excitement level a little lower!

Ending: When we have done our final "roll the ball" verse, I say "FREEZE! Whoever is holding the ball right now may bring it to the ball bag." This makes it random, and gives less aggressive children a chance to bring in the ball. OR you may have the children share the duty of returning the ball in pairs.

Age Range: 2 - 5 years old (some children are ready to roll balls at 18 months!)

Purpose: gross motor coordination, cooperation, teamwork, skill-building, vocabulary

Graphic: Balls

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