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BIO – "Miss Carole" Stephens, EC Music Specialist, Macaroni Soup!

Dubbed "the Pied Piper of children's music", "Miss Carole" Stephens is a nationally renowned music specialist. Her cross-curricular music and guidance techniques instantly invite all audiences from the youngest child to the oldest adult to join in singing, dancing and rhythmic movement.

Miss Carole teaches:

HOW - classroom management techniques that really work!

WHY - brain research that supports the active music imperative

WHAT - developmentally appropriate movement and movement activities children love!

Miss Carole has been teaching music for children 1 - 6 years old since 1989. Through her company, Macaroni Soup!, she travels across the US presenting concerts for children and families, and workshops for teachers, librarians and parents. Her seven award-winning CD's are treasured for their usefulness, appropriateness and simplicity.

Carole Stephens lives in Chicago with her husband Jim, and has 2 children: Camden and Greg.

You can download these high-resolution pictures of Carole (for workshops) or Carole & Clarence (for concerts). See Carole's Biography for press releases or background information.

You can also download Carole's resume.

Photo: Carole

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