2020 YouTube additions: Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole

Join thousands of families, teachers and Early Childhood classrooms for Miss Carole's Music & Movement Series. TEN videos, each 15-23 minutes in length. Many of your favorite songs - both educational and entertaining!

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Episode #1: "Hello Everybody!"

Includes Hello Everybody, Vocal Warm-ups, Green Means GO!, Sticky Bubble Gum, Blow the Wind, I'm a Little Seed and Hi Dee Ho!

Episode #2: "Yes Indeed!"

Includes Hello Everybody Yes Indeed, Walking Shoes, Goolie Goolie, The Wiggle Song, Horsey Rides, I'm a Little Seed and The Goodbye Rap.

Episode #3: "Singing in the Rain"

Includes Singin' in the Rain, Jump in the Puddles, The Raindrops Are Falling, Ducks Like Rain, Duckie Duddle, SPLASH!, and Rain, Rain Go Away.

Episode #4: "Spring Has Sprung!"

Includes Shine, Shine, Shine!, Here is a Bunny, Hop Little Rabbit, Once Little Bunny Hoppin' on the Floor, All the Flowers are Sleeping, FLOWERS, Weather Rhythms, and So Long, Bye Bye.

Episode #5: "Say Good Day!"

Includes Say Good Day!, It's a Beautiful Day, Goofy Old MacDonald, Black Bat Farm, Wake Up You Lazybones, Many Many Cows, and Hi Dee Ho!

Episode #6: Silly Songs!"

Includes Everybody Clap Your Hands, Stinky Cake, I Like My Hat, Two Little Hummingbirds, Gifts for Mommy, and The Beaver Call.

Episode #7: "Let's Move!"

Includes This is Such a Simple Exercise, One Finger, One Thumb, What Shall We Do on a Summer Day?, The Tree Song, Giddy-Up!!, Down I Flop, and So Long, Bye Bye.

Episode #8: "Sing'n'Do!"

Includes Hello Everybody, There's a Dot on My Finger, I May Be Little, Jelly in the Bowl, If Your Going to Cough or Sneeze, Humpty Dumpty, I Can Hammer, and Say Goodbye.

Episode #9: "Let the Sun Shine!"

Includes Mister Sun, Hannah Banana, Dancing Feet, I Brush My Teeth, Walk Walk, It Ain't Gonna Rain No More, and You Are My Sunshine.

Episode #10: "Critters!"

Includes Hicketty Picketty Bumblebee, What Are You Wearing, Icky Sticky & Ooey Gooey, As I Was Walking to Town One Day, Clap Clap Clap Your Hands, and Ten In the Bed.


Includes Hello Everybody, So Long, Bye Bye

Watch for "Summer Shorts!" – Coming Soon!

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