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Every month the song/dance/activity will change. Many of the songs will be from my Recordings. Please print the page and do the activity with your child. Teachers may print the page to use with their classes. If you have questions, Contact Me.

February 2011

Little Mouse, Little Mouse

Listen to the whole song on BALONEY!, or hear it here:

This little game of Hide'n'Seek is simple but so much fun. It also helps with color naming, taking turns, and listening/following directions skills. The tune is easy: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". The felt shapes are easy to make – you can use the patterns below or make up your own. I turn my flannel board to face me (away from the children) when hiding the mouse – there are often "peeking eyes" – and I like to even the playing field! I usually use only 4 houses the first time I share the song, then add one or two each time we sing it after that – up to 8 houses. You can add some fabric paint trim to the house – have some fun!

Don't have felt or a flannel board? This can also be done with construction paper on a table or floor.


Little mouse, little mouse, come out and play
What color house are you in to-day?


The teacher or parent should first demonstrate the activity of hiding the mouse under a house. After the format is well-known by the child(ren), you might ask them to come hide the mouse for you and others to guess where it's hiding. Be sure your mouse is small enough to be completely covered by the house. With two year olds, I leave a nose or tail barely peeking out from behind the house the very first time we sing the song. Once they have success finding the mouse hide the mouse completely!

With older children (3 - 5's) I ask them to raise their hand if they want to guess, then wait for me to call on them. If they don't know the color, I invite them to point to the house they'd like to guess, and ask the class to help identify the color. Take off the house no mouse? Ask again! Mouse? Yes! Congratulate the child and do it again.

Age Range: 18 mos – 5 years old (depending on the child's development. Some children start learning to identify colors by 18 months, some not until they are in their 2's.) Start with the primary colors: red, blue, yellow – and pink! In my experience, pink is one of the first colors both boys and girls seem to know. Go figure!

Purpose: Color identification, taking turns, listening and following directions

Companion Songs: "The Little Mouse Goes Creeping" on Tiny Tunes, SOTM 3/07, "Creepy Mouse/Sneaky Cat" on Sticky Bubble Gum, SOTM 10/08.

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