Song of the Month

Every month the song/dance/activity will change. Many of the songs will be from my Recordings. Please print the page and do the activity with your child. Teachers may print the page to use with their classes. If you have questions, Contact Me.

May 2007

Gifts for Mommy

Listen to the whole song on Sticky Bubble Gum...and Other Tasty Tunes or hear it here:

May has Mother's Day – but children bring things home to Mom all year long, so don't save this great song for just one month! Many children know The Bumble Bee Song and it's very singable tune. But here it is with extra verses that make it so much more fun to sing. And no bees are actually killed during the singing of this song! Be sure to use visuals to introduce each verse: pictures, puppets, drawings. I use beanie babies (yup, raid your kids' stash!) You can also make up extra verses of your own – my students added "bringing home a baby ladybug, won't my Mommy give me a big hug!" Take time to talk about what you might put in the pot for Mom – what does she really like? You may be surprised at the answers you'll hear!


I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee
Won't my mommy be so proud of me
Oh I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee
Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Spoken at the end of each verse: Is THAT a good present for Mommy?

V.2 Dinosaur...won't my Mommy hide behind the door? Stomp stomp stomp...

V.3 Crocodile...won't my Mommy wear a great big smile? Chomp chomp chomp...

v.4 Grizzly bear...won't my Mommy tear out all her hair? Grrrrrr....

v.5 I'm bringing home a great big pot of love
So much bigger than the sky above
Oh I'm bringing home a great big pot of love
Hug, Hug, Kiss Kiss Kiss!


Make movements to go with each animal – catch a bee in your cupped hands, hold your hand high to hold onto a longneck dino, make croc jaws with extended arms in front, snapping them together on the beat, and make grizzly teeth and claws – very fun. For the pot of love, make a circle in front of you with your arms, tossing in the suggestions for what mommy likes as you go along!

Age Range: 2 – 6 years old!

Purpose: medium range motor skills, vocabulary, identifying likes/dislikes, imaginative play


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